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Reusing animation on random non-descript scenes is alright, (as in, but on stuff like Saki's "tsumo-after-a-kong-with-flowers" and Hisa's tile shooting?


Other things wrong with this episode:

1. Random and non-dramatic pacing. Just randomly showing the ron/tsumo of each round, then going to the next round...that's not really all that interesting. The splitting up of the different games really didn't work.
2. An excessive amount of "LOL NANPO-TYPE CREATURES GET A +2/+2 BONUS ON A FOREST TERRAIN SQUARE" mahjong magic.
3. Miharu's voice actor is really bad.
4. Rinshan kaihou, I automatically win. Always.
5. Why did they have to make Touka cry?
6. Why did they have to make Momoko :depressed:?
7. "Didn't I already tell you that during the team tournaments?" Didn't a lot of things here already happen during the team tournaments?
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