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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Well, you do get the feeling that we are completely in overtime and the TV producers are just praying for the end to come before the $ runs out.
Ah, the Hideaki Anno approach.

Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
The only problem i have with this arc is the fact that the show will end once it's finished.
I've pretty much come to the same conclusion, but what I'm really hoping they don't end it on the note of Kiyosumi high school all losing and having to go home until next year, (the easy and lamest way out) which is where the show seems to be heading right now. As long as they end it on the note of the important characters (Saki, Nodoka, Koromo) advancing and then have a second season to show the nationals then I think it will be decent if a little boring and predictable. My other worry is that they might try to cram a Saki vs. Teru match into one episode right at the very end, which of course would just be awful.

Personally though I think they should have just ended it with the showdown between Saki and Koromo. Go out strong instead of going out boring.
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