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Originally Posted by Magin View Post
Kuroko/Touma= the universe was just divided by zero...

anyways, Kuroko is one of those I have mixed feelings about. She's not that bad of a character... but once she goes into "must seduce Onee-sama at all costs" mode (which is about 80~95% of the time), then I want someone to find a sniper and take her out before she uses her power. This is probably because A) I'm one of the few guys that actually is against yuri and B) I'm a MisakaxTouma fan all the way
I'm against it because in the anime she is more extreme than elsewhere and it pushes the balance too far away from when she's being competent.

Originally Posted by DJ Trouble View Post
Could Kuroko beat Accelerator?

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
And for kuroko's teleportation. She can't teleport it directly inside the body of the enemy.
She can, but she doesn't wish to. The time when she nailed someone to the floor with her darts proves she has the accuracy and we know she can teleport things into other solid objects.

Originally Posted by Claies View Post
As we can see in the power exam during the first episode of Railgun, her accuracy is decidedly not close enough to hit within an area the size of one person.
When she is attempting to teleport something to demonstrate her maximum range and weight limit.

We haven't for example seen any evidence of vertical errors of the magnitude you suggest while she's teleporting around.
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