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Originally Posted by durack View Post
People may get pissed off, but, IMHO, in the anime she comes across as a useless comic relief character. You can delete her from the anime and the story will not be affected in the slightest.
Hehehehe well, Mikoto also can get deleted from Index series and the story will not be afected after the third arc. But you know some cameos of her are not thaaaat bad.
I desagree about Kuroko she still has a role in both Railgun and Index.

Originally Posted by wavehawk View Post
- A Half-Decent Spec Ops team with knowledge of the character's weakness. Delta, SAS, Devgru ( would definitely insist on knowing what they're dealing with first. And there IS a reason why Anti-Skill, for all the Keystone Kops candor they're portrayed in the series, is kitted out like a SWAT team.

On the other hand, there's a lot of people (And by that, I mean fans, not in-universe chara) who don't like it when 'ordinary' people with guns messes up their beliefs about superpowered characters--just look at Stormwatch:Team Achilles and it's not-so-great run.

The same is aplied in the Index-universe but you have to wait for their time to be introduced.
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