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Spoiler for episode 5:
Rofl! Nice was quite a daring one but let me come back with a GIF of it! Well it was about time it got a subforum! Thanks to the MODs for that.
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I was relieved to see that a certain spoiler picture was in fact just from a temptation scene. And even then it was fairly decent by contemporary standards, but still.

Their friendship seems a bit physical for them only having been friends since middle school. (Did I get that right?) She is acting like they have grown up together, really. Then again people are different. It would certainly have been a bit disturbing if a boy had been hanging on a girl like that, though. Then again girls are innocent until proven guilty, while with boys it is the other way around... KAORU PUNCHI!
Remember one thing......part time job + school = mature more than those who do not have it....even I was looked upon as a farmer during high school compared to others who did not do nothing but studying and having fun because I still managed to have that fun.....I was therefore mature enough to work (farm helping) to study and have fun as much as time allowed me for it. I would assume Kaoru is mature enough compared to Morishima to make choices that are so more different than Morishima ever did.
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