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Originally Posted by Chiibi View Post
Epic ending was epic.

Don't look at me like that-I am slow with buying anime but I starting watching the series online and liked it enough to go buy the whole thing this past Otakon.

Right....well....gah Nia's death is sad-f**k I was still sad about KAMINA and the KaminaxYoko thing.....but what I don't get is why fans are so so upset because this really isn't good-bye to ANYBODY. As we saw in episode 26, Simon DID see Kamina's spirit again and all the others and they could talk to each other and everything (I cried XD) SO don't you guys think once Simon and Yoko reach the end of their lives, they WILL be reunited with their loved ones!?

Sure, it's a bit of a wait for them.....but it's not eternity. They will all be happy together in the afterlife, for we've been shown that it DOES exist for them. Simon and Nia will definitely be together again.

Only problem now is KaminaxYokoxKittan.....they will fight over her.
Well, sorry're cool but I'm STILL on Kamina's side on that one. GO MAN!! TAKE YOUR WOMAN BACK!!!
Row row fight da shipwar
Simon did not necessarily see Kamina again, it was a dream. It still is depressing to see that the hero who saved the universe cannot be allowed to keep the woman he loved. And also, fans are upset because the ending was just plain stupid. There was really no point to kill Nia but Gainax threw it in for the lulz.
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