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Originally Posted by faythz View Post
watch it for three times and finnaly i can say the ending is very Epic in every aspect
at least Nia had her happiness even it just a short time. for Simon finnaly he could lay low didn't involve in political again and do many things just adventure adventure like a spiral never stop

aghh i'd Love to watch this in Blu-Ray
If you liked the anime series, I bet you would like the movies, as well. They are Gurren-hen and Lagann-hen, respectively. Gurren-hen covers episodes 1-16 (pre-timeskip), and Lagann-hen covers everything 17-26 (post-timeskip). Gurren-hen is pretty good, but Lagann-hen is AWESOME. It is seriously epic.

They change a few things here and there to accomodate the shorter running time of the movies, but Lagann-hen is awesome, because the ending is so massively epic no words can truly describe it. Lagann-hen is worth seeing, if for no other reason than seeing Simon go fisticuffs with the Antispiral.
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