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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Takeru is your generic idiot hero harem protagonist.

Whereas Yuuya is essentially a combined expy of Maverick and Isamu Dyson. ;D
Hahaha, that's true enough. main reason I just skimmed through /Extra...I've had enough Harem to last me for years. xP

He got told off in the end of the ep tho. :P

Originally Posted by Silvance View Post
Yuuya should be called Mabu-Rikku from here on then. It's unfair everyone has a nickname and he doesn't.
I find it funny how the Italian dude has the same nickname as me. xDDD

Originally Posted by liemtodaisu View Post
Both Takeru and Yuuya have their own good traits and I love both of them .
True enough. Although knowing that Takeru is a playah just makes

Originally Posted by Ryuudou View Post
This made me giggle.
Hey I can't help it, my brain makes associations I guess and since I've been doing nothing but Alternative the past week, yeah...xO
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