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The good:
- Lunar Base battle is over, only for Ezelcant (sp?) going to send Lunar 2 onto Earth to cleanse all evil
- Albis and his whole plan, hard to not like him
- Frem killing the commander. He deserves it.
- Asemu not affected by any of the X-R BS and fights the only way he knows - Super Pairotto FTW

The meh:
- The battle b/t the 6 MSs. Okay, would have been good if not for a certain pilot just floating around doing nothing (more on that later)
- Girard finally gets kill. Waste 2 whole episodes on a character that is hard to sympathize with
- What's with Girard & Zeheart anyway? Other than the fact that Zeheart really don't want to lose any more comrades
- Girard X-R ability. Psychoframe overload is never good in any Gundam. It's not even as strong as Desil's power, though.

The bad:
- Flit...well, not necessarily a low blow. I mean, it's a war after all and as he learn the hard way, if you don't kill someone now, he/she will come back to haunt you later
- Girard's presence in general. Is she even necessary for any character development to happen?

The ugly:
- Kio. Where should I start? Being a pacifist does NOT mean you floating around BSing your own "Let's not fight and become friends because that's what we are suppose to be" ideal. Hack, he didn't even attempt to, let say, destroy the two remote weapons, tear apart some arms and legs. Instead all he does is fly around, thinking he can dodge everything, and somehow not even attacking the opponent brings peace.

If Flit was truly as mad as you say he was then he would've told Kio to "shut it" and gone after Zeheart but it only took, "just stop fighting" for him to stand down after realizing the ceasefire. He also would've said, "no, use the missile regardless, damn it why haven't you used it yet?"
Totally agree. He could have start shooting at the retreating troops from the Lunar Base despite the ceasefire, fire at Kio for trying to stop him, point the gun at Alcarus (sp?) and force him to use the Plasma Missiles...Flit didn't really age well, but he's still sane...
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