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I was hoping the Ko subplot would reach a conclusion this week, but alas, it looks like they're going to drag it out a lot longer. Despite her epiphany, it looks like Ohana still doesn't get it. Glasses girl is right, she needs to let Ko go already. How much longer is the poor dude going to have to wait for her, probably for nothing? Yes, I don't believe Ohana loves Ko, nor that she will come to love him. I interpreted her final lines in a different way: she said she had never even thought about going back to Tokyo, even though Ko is there. She's basically saying she didn't miss him. Sure, she likes him, but only as a friend. Mails are enough when it comes to friendship. If things between the two of them can't go back to how they were... then she doesn't want to go back to Tokyo. Of course, the other big reason she doesn't wish to go back is that she's having the time of life at Kissuiso. Me thinks she found her calling.

Satsuki didn't make me want to slap her this time. It's clear she isn't the mom of the year, but she does care about Ohana. She just doesn't really seem to know how a mom should behave, which might be due to how Sui treated her. In a way, she's not that different from Sui -- they both neglected their daughters to some extent, and I'm sure both of them thought it was for the best.

Minko is starting to grow on me. The girl who just kept urging people she disliked to die seem far away. She's handling the situation very maturely. She was even pretty cute in this episode, like when she started praising Tooru in front of Ohana, and immediately retracted her statement once she realized Ohana might fall for him if she notices how much of nice guy Tooru is
I felt kind of bad for her too. Her "date" with Tooru was horrible. Geez, what kind of guy would force a lady to eat until she pukes? Ohana saw right through him: he doesn't know how to handle women. That said, that date was pretty hilarious. Loved Minchi's face when she found out the kind of sushi Tooru was talking about.

All in all, excellent episode. I just hope we'll move on from the romance drama soon. I'm more interested in Yuina and Nako than Ko's romantic life.

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Ohana was the voice of her teen mom wasn't she?
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