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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
@tezu -- Romance can't ruin anything. I don't understand how people can give up the vast pleasure that enjoying romance stories can provide. It's all about choosing a life partner and perhaps the parent of your children. Nothing important, lol.
It really depends on how the romance plot is executed. I'm generally not a fan of A likes B but B likes C and C likes etc. etc. plots. I find it hard to watch series that base too much drama on romance alone, e.g. when the entire main cast of a series forms an impenetrable web of unrequited love, crushes and jealousy (Ano Hana). On the other hand, the current romance ratio in Hanasaku Iroha is okay. I'm not bothered by Ohana and Kou, but Minchi for instance is being a total doormat for Tooru and in this case, yes, romance does ruin her character. There should be more things that define Minko's character, however her crush on Tooru overshadows everything else. And if they decide to add male love interests for every one of the girls and turn it into a major plot it'll make me wonder why every girl has to be focused on a guy in order to make their character developments enjoyable. Romance can be good in the right doses, but sometimes I just want to see other aspects, too
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