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Hm, are you a translator or did you have something to do with the series itself? Because thats the impression I'm getting from what you are writing and that does justify your anger towards me, if that is the case then I deeply apologize. I admit to being a fan of Aria, and the end of the fifth novel did nothing else than to fuel my anger. However, my impression was not to insult the writer, the anger got the best of me, again I apologize.

I don't hate Reki or any other character because they are written badly, the fact is that I just dislike their archetype. I just feel that the end of the fifth novel was random if said best, I think it's amazing that the author takes such a huge step, and goes and does something that is different. But being a fan of Aria and the very large development they had, only to have it shot, really did a number on me.

If it's not enough then I apologize again. I didn't mean to be disrespectful against the author or any other person who might have been working with the series, after all the amount that I put down on ranting just shows how much of an amazing series this is, making me this emotional.
How is the end of the 5th novel random when all novels are essentially continuations?

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