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Originally Posted by Mars Mode View Post
Well i dont know if Justify is appropiate

Reki didnt justify herself, she simply said I like Kinji and Im going to steal him, in the beggining of the novel that's all. And her story explained trough Kinji.

It wasnt out of nowhere, since the first and second novels Reki had already showed care for Kinji but to what extent was a mistery until she faced Kinji with her Dragunov.

Kinji said so himself. This is the story of my life , everytime I take a decision something always happens. In this aspect we may as well blame Kinji, being ourselves a little unreasonable .

Reki is awesome. And her story isnt sad but its great. I hope she finds happiness.

And Kinji he just drawed the end of the short straw thats all. Should I say poor Kinji. Or what a lucky guy he is.
Oh yeah, I don't put the blame on Reki only, more so it's even more Kinjis fault for being pretty dumb. But I digress, I shouldn't bad mouth other characters.

Well tbh, she didn't show much of those feelings, it was more like you said, care for that of a friend. And the whole "I'm gonna steal him, whether you like it or not" I guess that was the thing that ticked me off.

I have never been a fan of stealing other peoples GF/BF
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