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Originally Posted by Jazzrat View Post
For Enh Shaman, the only main stat you need to focus on is atk pwr and crit rating.
Until you get lava lash + elemental fury, it's best to stick with slow MH/OH with WF/WF setup.

After that, go with WF slow MH/ FT fast OH setup. This is the most common progression for enh shammies.

Mana consumption is generally very low at low lvl; at high lvl, you ll need to use shamanism to offset the higher cost of including insta casted LB/ CL from Maelstorm weapon stack.

At high level, you can godmode every 3 min busting all your CDs Orc sham does it better than anyone else.
The fast OH thing is pretty debatable. While the FT procs themselves (and things like Static Shock) do more damage with a fast OH, LL and SS still do more damage with a slow one. Apparently, these factors pretty much cancel each other out and what ends up being better depends on your particular stats (haste rating, etc) more than any generic rule about speed.

Also, apparently they're normalizing FT in 3.1, so slow will become the clear winner.

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Well, what I meant was that Flametongue has two bonuses, extra magic DPS for the weapon and extra spell damage for spells. I'm wondering if the flametongue talent affects both.
The talent only affects the bonus spellpower. It doesn't affect the fire damage proc.

And I noticed that Shaman spells... scale with level? Lolwut? When did that happen? You used to see big dents in your mana when you bought new spells... and shields are now free to cast? Holy crap! It's like they took everything I hated about being a shaman and tossed it into the incinerator.
All spell costs for all spells for all classes scale with level since 3.0. It was introduced as a way to finally stop healers from downranking spells. Apparently balancing around downranking was giving Blizzard a headache, so they made the costs increase on their own so you'd have no reason not to use the highest rank spells. It doesn't actually make the spells cheaper when you train new ranks, it just makes them more expensive for the levels immediately preceding the new ranks... Free Lightning Shield is kinda cool, I guess. I've never actually bothered casting it...

Originally Posted by Xacual View Post
That was my initial plan for my shaman come 80 of course I never got past 70.
That is exactly my spec.
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