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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
But is Enhancement viable for leveling at all? Or do you need a minimum level to make it useful?
FT talent affects extra spell dmg. The FT weapon proc is based off your spell dmg so in a way, yes it does benefit both in a roundabout way.

Enh spec start performing after you get stormstrike and gets stronger from there on. I lvled my shaman in woltk as enh and do find that they are better with no downtime and stronger defense compare to elemental. You can solo most group quest early on just by turning on all your CDs.

As for fast OH, the original idea was due to FT procs have a 100% co efficient with spell dmg. Didn't know they are normalizing the dmg though but anyway :P i got myself a Last Laugh and Webbed Death last week to play around with the fast MH/OH with dual FT build.

As for shields, i kept mostly to water shield for mana regen and switch back to LS for max dmg output.

This would probably be my spec for enh once 3.1 comes around.
Raid Spec

Depending on the raid setup, I might move some points off Ancestral Knowledge into Imp WF totem depends on availability of frost DKs with Imp Icy Touch.

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