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Originally Posted by mystogan View Post
oh have been on a hold from watching fairy tail for a while, but now that i have covered up with the anime, there are so many things going on in my mind

the more the plot progresses, the more complicated it becomes, i'll say this is the most complicated plot i have ever seen in fairy tail,with so many characters getting involved and so many other new characters being introduced, the plot is also getting more and more darker and Kinana's part is also coming to the surface,
honestly some part of it is even going above my head.
And the new Oracion seis is so damn powerful, there really are just toying with the fairy tail,
...this anime has really started to give chills down my spine

and has fairy tail started showing blood, there was a big splash of it in ep 138
.....and also,now there is even a "jiggle jugs gang" erza getting carried away with them....

My thoughts exactly. Parts of this arc give me the goosebumps, in a good way though. Certainly nothing i really felt before watching Fairy tail, well a couple times, but this arc is loaded with those kinds of spine-chilling moments.

Part of the plots goes over my head as well. I'm not sure if it's because I'm slow or if parts of the plot are convoluted or overly complicated lol. Probably a bit of both. It certainly feels different in comparison to previous arcs for me

I think it's simply because this is a complex arc with A LOT going on. Summaries i find on this arc online are rather lengthy with so much happening. Also, this arc is supposed to at least go through 146, since we have the names up to then. That would put this arc at around 22 episodes. That makes the S-class arc the only one longer than this.
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