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I was surprised and immediately interested when I saw scans
in English translations of Let's Lagoon had resumed, after a
hiatus of almost three years.

Let's Lagoon is easily unexpectedly deceptive to those going
only on the first five or six chapters. It seems to be about a
boy and girl from a middle school class that are accidentally
stranded on a mysterious island. Not mysterious because of
monsters or dangerous animals, but for physical changes to
the island and its fogs.

A big part of the story involves the relationship between two
girls and one boy. Initially only one girl, Imase Chika and one
boy with a family name of Yama. They are later joined on
the island by another girl from their class, Kamiyama Nori,
and others who come and go in the story.

The most central plot element is in the contrasting thoughts,
abilities, and boldlness of the two girls. Secondly there is
something yet unsaid that has happened in the future past.

Unsaid but repeatedly shown is the much greater abilities
and driving boldness to survive of Nori, the second girl. The
first girl although of a good heart has very limited vision and
no independent foraging background.

The two girls are also at very different points of sexual
awaking, also compared to the male. As proof of this
compare the attitude of the girls on his seeing their
bodies, and their physically touching him.

Chika has to be aided while Nori risks her own neck to
save Yamada from a shark. It is only after this last event
that Yamada seems to appreciate her depth of
commitment to him, rather than see her as a pest.

The deception comes in the focus of the first couple of
chapters on Chika and Yamada. He blinded by circumstances
thinks he is discovering a relationship. She, Chika is at best
alot more ambivalent. This is best shown in her conversations
with her sister about him. When Yamada wakes up from
sleep or a dream he calls Chika's family name. When Chika
wakes up she calls her sister, Mika's name.

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