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Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
If you get a draft going I'll take a look at it if you want
That would be great if you could. Mind you it's once I have time and I'm on break or something. Trying to get used to working in an office atm.

Originally Posted by BPHaru View Post
If you ask me, I canít see that plot happening with those characters, and for a NanoFate fic it doesnít seems attractive to me, even if I read every NanoFate fic I would have my doubts about reading that one.
Iím more interested in your other fic, Road of Love, can I ask you if youíre planning to continue it?

Saludos, Haru
If you don't want to read it, it's fine. It's just an idea at the moment, but hey this is a fanfic, and I can exercise a bit of poetic and creative licence to actually make it work out, without distorting the characters beyond who and what they are.

As for Road of Love, that depends if I can get the mood back, considering I'm still reeling from Satashi-sama's comments. (No offense intended Satashi-sama, but I need to get that out of my system otherwise I won't be able to write them out like how I want them to turn out).

But as soon as I can regain my muse on that particular story, I'll probably be back and at it.
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