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Ok, some backlog busting...

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
P.S -


Images like this,


Well...Lelouch won...good for him

Originally Posted by Kha View Post
EDIT: Just as we were getting comfortable with the crack fort each of us may be building, from DestinyS to Rebuilt, Tsuzuki may really have decided to strike Forth.

"Every body now. On 2. 1, 2..."


Looks like its time to organize another round of hop-skotch. I'd say Tsuzuki'd do something similar to whatever I had planned for the MageWarrior series and screw it up like StrikerS.

BUT let's see if der Kleriker continues to prove why "I Am Legend" in surviving the next onslaught.

Otherwise, that MTV of Jay Chou's "Wo Bu Pei" is gonna come in handy for "The Breakup of Tessalgar Square"...
Let's wait a bit longer before we jump the gun, ok?

Originally Posted by selkirk View Post
Sounds fishy to me, but anyway...

Supposedly about anti-terror warfare.
New characters:
Amano Asuka - 18 years old. Special forces (army) Major. (whoa rank inflation )
Hokuto Kusanagi - 16 years old. Army Captain. ヒュームリット(?) (Combat Cyborg) Modern Belka. The daughter of the Kusanagi couple in the Dominators, her upbringing was complicated.

Nanoha is an Air Force Major.
Enhanced humans "Extended" (detailed below) - Magic Rank Air AA
...not gonna read the rest, but it includes some characters with such choice terms as "big-breasted, rough-mouthed", and some Kansai-ben speaking childish face character.
Other characters like "sick" character: Beretta (like Asakura Ryouko), Hokuto (silent type like Nagato Yuki, Tabitha)

New unit called the Dominators. A lot of choice words are just in the greyed out areas, and I don't want to try and identify blobs. Anyway, it's where Asuka et al are. They go up against Nanoha, and Hayate, predicting the political fallout, reassembles the old Riot 6 members in secret.

Just some random translations from what I could see easily.
Yep, very fishy...

Originally Posted by Kha View Post
I must admit "strike Forth" sounds quite like a title that they'd do, but that's just me. What my primary concern (and objection) is of a "NO, YOU GUYS SCREWED STRIKERS, SO DON'T KILL THE FRANCHISE BEYOND THE DAMAGE ALREADY DONE!!!" kinda mood.

For me, I'm not so concerned about timelines -I have too many, killing some off might do me good -, but it does slow things down for the Kerokanon. Nonetheless, I'll just switch back to the main timeline, progress from there via Ion-Canon Hopskotch, then switch back to Kerokanon end of next year.

It's really simple, with my persistent half-hatching habit persisting persistently.

Looks like that Epilogue of StrikerS for the main timeline needs to be banged out pronto. Everyone, start cracking! So far, only Master FlameZ and Keroko, who doesn't really exist in the timeline, has done so!

RE Unwanted Sequel: I wished they'd take a leaf from Gundam and get both action and plot mostly right, while making it a 50 epi blockbuster because they can, should and must have to do the Nanohaverse right.

Now I've no idea what's going on... As expected, there's gonna be political fallout from 912... Just in time too, when Celestial Being's deep factional divide is beginning to surface...

*hides the Thrones*


Amano Asuka sounds like Amuro + Asuka's lovechild. >_>

And Hotuko Kusanagi, a Modern Belka Sentokijin? Did I just hear MAKOTO Kusanagi?! Or let me guess... SOMEBODY at 7Arcs after reading this thread all StrikerS decided to let us have a clear signal for once, and made the Nighty Jail+Tre offspring become reality.

Yeap, definitely fanficcy... And yes MOAR characters. Let's play with them! :3

*goes to work on Hotuko*

And back to the current issue...

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
The Cradle never crashed anywhere near a sea though
Maybe it didn't actually crash, but appeared to...emergency landing?
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