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Originally Posted by Kha View Post
EDIT: Just as we were getting comfortable with the crack fort each of us may be building, from DestinyS to Rebuilt, Tsuzuki may really have decided to strike Forth.

"Every body now. On 2. 1, 2..."


Looks like its time to organize another round of hop-skotch. I'd say Tsuzuki'd do something similar to whatever I had planned for the MageWarrior series and screw it up like StrikerS.

BUT let's see if der Kleriker continues to prove why "I Am Legend" in surviving the next onslaught.

Otherwise, that MTV of Jay Chou's "Wo Bu Pei" is gonna come in handy for "The Breakup of Tessalgar Square"...
Fishy as it may be, sounds like fun to me. I hope its true, just to see how it turns out.

And given selkirk's translation, apparently our "Extended Relic Weapons" will be officially succeeded... ...without the Relics, of course.

Originally Posted by Evangelion Xgouki View Post
After many fierce battles against Laziness and Procrastination, as well as beating my head to get the scenes right, I am glad to FINALLY present to you,

A Day at the Amusement Park, a GenerationS side story
Spoiler for A Day at the Amusement Park:
Nice, very nice...even though it was hard to stand thinking about Vivio...

But since the piece was good, I was able to.
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