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Originally Posted by Kha View Post
Since its your timeline, you have full access to all my characters, from Allison to Zwei Linda. Even kill them off if you need/want to.

Yes even Kha. At least we'll know which timeline Kluize der Archer could've been summonned from

I'm afraid I'll actually have to give Kha & co. supporting/cameo/minor roles in this... simply because I'm not familliar with them

I will say this though: Kha's appearence in DT will be brief. But the effects are not insignificant....

....let's just say that it kills all NxF and leave it at that.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

I was just commenting how this would've fit right into a discontinued timeline, so no worries man, we're just toying with the idea. No one's gonna let this happen to Hayate, I'm sure of it. I certainly can't reconcile the woman who watched over Kha and Caren when they grew up after losing their parents, and the man that taught Kha how to be a good tracker and a even better skirt-caretaker, with that dark image first proposed by Tormenk. It would bend the timelines too much to it's completely OOC.

But you got to admit the possibility exists... That's what we're playing with.

I assure you, as I played out this crack plotline for the Nanoha Must Die timeline, I intended for Kha to be paired with Hayate or Lutecia in that timeline, so at the very least 1 person won't betray her. I'm sure she has the touch that turned Kha from a killing machine into the Cleric everyone knows as she always had in all the other timelines. That touch would be lost if she herself gives into the betrayals, for it were the Aces who taught him that Hope can light up even the darkest days. I would've properly time it such that Kha'd come for Hayate when she needed him to, whatever the case.

As for earlier, looks like I shouldn't be wanting an Usoda so much...
To be honest, I don't like betrayals or bad things happening to cute girls. And really, what I was highly annoyed about was, as I said, the ruckus over emo Nanoha while there was such enthusiastic glee over fucking over Hayatechan permanantly. (Because of all the aces, she's the best for cuddling. Except maybe loli Nanoha.)

Anyway, let's just agree to drop the matter.

(From the writer standpoint, I understand COMPLETELY the possibilities. Just saying that for the record.)

Regards the Cradle, my take on it:

Al-Hazard spanned all over the place. Belkans found the Cradle, rebuilt it, refitted the OS to speak Belkan, and used it in a first strike on Mid. (Presumably.) However, things went wrong and the Cradle made a controlled crash landing (lol oxymoron) and was then hidden by the Belkans in preparation for incase shit hit the fan an eventually was forgotten.

Senario 2: fleeing from some sorta fuckup, te Cradle deposits Belkan refugees in what later becomes the Belkan SAR. Once done, the command crew crash land the Cradle into a promising location, and then hide it with eath and stuff; the idea is that should the refugees be opressed the Cradle will rise. Belkans are not opressed by Mids, the cradle is left alone and forgotten.
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