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Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
Well it is also possible that this entire DID Yasu thing is just R07 trolling the everloving shit out of everybody who supported the ShKanon theory by adding more personalities into the body and then deny everything in Ep8.
That'd be sweet, this LyoYaShkanonTriClair&yourmothertoo has got a bit too out of control.

But personally I really liked how the baby from 19 years ago fit into the story as the real Beatrice.

Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
Blue screen of death ?
Yeah, I'm not shitting you.

Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
The problem about EP 7 is:
EP 7 is how Bern/the Readers(or whoever the GM is) understands the truth.
To me EP 7 is a bit messy :/
According to Bern, EP7 doesn't have a GM. It's just the hard truth.

Originally Posted by Almazluverdis3 View Post
Hnnnggggg. So R07 gave up to ShKanon? Hnngggggg. Maybe she killed Kanon. Maybe she did it. >.>
Well, a real Shannon may have existed once, but well... I don't know.
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