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I personally have some ideas for the BSOD which are not really focused on DID, or are related to the DID but only for this scene alone, so I guess that it is very possible to read it in another way, especially for people who are thinking about it more than me. Well, I'll maybe talk about it later, I still need to put the finishing touches to all of this right now.
In fact to me this scene is a logic error to begin with, even without DID, damn authority and all of this. Shannon is starting to bug even before this.

And yeah, AC-Phoenix is right, even the fact that there is an ep8 is showing that there are still errors here.
We knows that Ep7 contains one merciless answer. But we don't know on which part. Basically ep7 is a massive "yes but no but yes" for almost everything, especially when you are reading it a second time.
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