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Abrupt realisation. Call me silly if you like, as I'm actually inclined to discount large chunks of Ep7 anyway, but I'll analyse it all the same.

The Claire narrative isn't actually describing Shkanontrice. It's describing a variation of Pony Theory, i.e. that Beatrice has a physical body of her own!

Here's the logic:
  1. Gaap exists circa 1976, even though she only gets her name in 1984, and plays pranks on Yasu.
  2. Gaap must be among Maria's list of people seen together with Beatrice, which is Shannon, Kanon, Genji, Kumasawa and Nanjo.
  3. Genji is Ronove, Kumasawa is Virgilia. Kanon did not exist on the island in 1976 in any fashion, so he's out. That leaves Shannon and Nanjo to be Gaap.
  4. Gaap would have to know about Shannon's love trouble. Which would mean that if Nanjo is represented by Gaap, he didn't lift a finger to help her, which I find impossible.
  5. Shannon cannot be Gaap if Shannon is Beatrice. But there's nobody else left. Therefore Shannon is Gaap.
  6. Therefore, the only possible way all people on Maria's list can be seen together with Beatrice and for Gaap to have a vessel is for Gaap to be Shannon and for Beatrice to have her own body.

The difficulty with the number of people on the island can be solved with Shkanon.
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