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Originally Posted by Axilios View Post
That's one of the "quite useful" points of Shkannon...
In short " They are the same person in fact, so it don't count", but in the other hand "they are not the same person because a personnality can be ca person" when it is needed... Or why I don't like this theory.
The question is whether Erika really increased the people count in the first place.
If she was already dead when she got washed up she wouldn't.
Thats why the red truth eventually killed her.

Remember what Knox said to Beatrice: "I got permission to use a red truth to deny your existance."

So the second red would be a red truth to deny Erika's.

That would restore the peoplecount back to 17, and Shannon/Kannon wouldn't be able to be in the same body.

In short: Erika is the reason why I can't believe in Shkannon.
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