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Erm i don't think anyone has brought this up yet (atleast not in this thread) But in ep6's tea party during the wedding scene wasn't there a silver ring with a crest? More specifically it was stated it was for the ' wife of the territory lord'.

More curious, is that it was given by (Lord)Battler although it would have been a meta scene.

and for the discussion about ep7's tea party, if it was the legit version of ep3, shouldn't the death order have been the same?

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If it is suggested that Kinzo fathered a child with the original to get the second, it was also suggested that if Kinzo is the father of Yasu then Kinzo impregnated his own daughter (Beato 2).

Therefore, Kinzo is into incest.
What if Beatrice 1 was already pregnant before meeting Kinzo? Being pregnant would have made it difficult for her to move around post the submarine scene perhaps ?
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