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Originally Posted by Lugia_Tsuyu View Post
I love how this series is not really a mystery mystery, but more do I put it...dealing with the relationships of the living and the dead (and of course Yakumo and people around him). I like how Yakumo kind of gives us a hint (or show us) that human is scarier than ghost/spirit.
I agree. The supernatural (aka "ghosts") in this series are, so far, all benign. They're not scary or evil, just hurt and need help. All the villains seem to be those of the living, which is a refreshing spin to these types of stories. I just wish that the series could be longer so there's more time to develop the relationships among the characters and the personalities of the characters themselves. It feels like everything is being glossed over too quickly, which is unfortunate because I like this series.

I can't remember if anything has been said about Yakumo's parents? Are they still alive?
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