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Cruzz: note that the files I'm trying to play are .ogm's and DVD's, not .avi's.

And to specify the series I'm trying to play:
- Serial Experiments Lain (batch)
- Evangelion (batch)

Now here's something new I found out after trying a bunch of times with many players:

The players that DON'T work and keep rebooting the comp:
- Windows Media Player
- VideoLAN
- Winamp
- PowerDVD
These players reboot my comp whenever I try to run a .ogm file or play a DVD. Note that Winamp sometimes does not reboot the comp, but rather just sits there without playing any audio or video.

Here's one that works ONLY for the Evangelion .ogm's:
- Media Player Classic
This plays the Evangelion .ogm's perfectly just as my Winamp USED to do. However it restarts computer if I try to play Lain on this.
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