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Didn't it only lose a bit of it's functions after crowley cut Fiamma's right arm off? He still used the Holy Right even after his arm was cut off, we just don't know how effective it is.
The novel purposely stated that without the holy right Fiamma is a regular dude, I think that this was mentioned when Touma dispelled his chicken hand and a simple rough fall injured him to some degree.

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lol, you're so easily manipulated by that woman Okashira, she now controls you
As long as I can call her obasan well get along. Heck, my japanese ought to sound weirder than her, I have caused facepalms

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
And even though he has all these allies, he doesn't exactly have The tools of leadership; I doubt we will ever see them work together. Like in Russia, everybody work towards different goals but somehow everything would come together perfectly.
When they were labeled as the Kamijou faction I remember that they somehow explained that how "the organization doesn't have something were to aim against (leader)" and that "they are all moving together in unison by conviction alone instead of "being directed"" was the most troublesome part of the possible alliance, if anything the novels have widely shown that "it works".
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