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Originally Posted by Excelion View Post
I chuckled at the prospect of another fake Karakura town battle arc. It'd make so much sense for SS to do it, but yeah, I don't think even Kubo would do something as silly as that. Well, a fake Seireitei arc.
... wow I can actually see mayuri and kisuke setting up 4 barrier poles and having seritei be a fake place made up of real world particles. then all the quincies and their boring retainers fight the captains in the plain blue sky for 3 years

Originally Posted by ronin myael View Post
oh god forbid! i will truly drop this series if that happens.
lolz... my expectations are already rock bottom and I keep reading so I wouldn't stop. it could also become like MST3k and we could just lampoon it if things get too bad. if that hasn't happened already that is
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