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That's his argument against using revenge as a motivation. I don't think he supplement that with anything about understanding. Uzumi was always about using force when force is required to defend oneself, so he's not a pacifist at all.

First, understanding is not tolerance. Totally different concepts. And I don't think you're using either of them in the right context.

Just because a guy like Dearka switches sides because he sees the good guys' point of view that he's working for genocidal bad guys, and he likes a girl and wants to protect her, doesn't mean any form of understanding is reached.

As for Shinn/Kira/Stella, same thing there. Shinn sees that Stella is being treated terribly by the bad guys, develops a brother complex and wants to protect her. Kira doesn't know who the heck she is and kills her. Stella's mental capacity isn't even enough to reach understanding with anyone either way.
Pacifism never works out in gundam.
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