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Anyone want to preorder Sword Art Online? You get to play it 10 years from now LOL!

Animate has been holding a Sword Art Online fair at their outlets, and every purchase of any Sword Art Online novel or manga entitles you to redeem a special three page booklet, the Argus’s Sword Art Online 2022 Promotion Pamphlet.

The game itself will cost 39800 yen, while the game with the Nerve Gear hardware will set you back 129800 yen.

While ten years before may too early as a preorder period, considering Sword Art Online’s revolutionary system and technology, it may be wise to preorder your copy early. It is limited to a run of 10000 copies.
"This is a joke pamphlet in collaboration with the Sword Art Online series, and a lot of attention to detail has been put in to make it look convincing! Even as just a promotional flyer, it has collector’s value."
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