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Japan could block the sale to Ishihara if it wanted to without any particular fuss. It's no different from PRC buying the islands.
eh, how would it block a legitimate land sale between private entities? Ishihara's funds were private donations, I don't see what legal grounds the government could've used to block the sale.

PRC on the other hand is a foreign state. No private citizen can simply just sell his land to be the territory of another country - I can sell my house tomorrow to any buyers if I wanted, but I'm pretty sure I can't sell it to Canada for it to become Canadian territory.

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Oh, you so, so, SO underestimate them.

Yes I mean the penguins.
Never, it's why I keep a box of tuna in my house at all times, so I can throw them at the penguins to distract them as I run for my life!
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