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How much sense does it make to continue doubting Battler's character when it's been so ... consistent?At least as consistent as everybody else's, save Kinzo.

Furthermore, if you'd argue that Tohya's memories of Battler were fragmentary at the time of his writing forgeries, then he would barely be able to write anybody because Battler is the only person he even knows kinda sorta well. All 17 other humans are virtually strangers to him.

Still pretty convinved that the relative accuracy of the characters portrayals is something we're just tupposed to assume. We arguably never get a verifiably objective representation of the human characters, but it does start to sound like rather wild speculation, very quickly, to doubt "the kind of person Battler / Jessica / Hideyoshi / whomever, was"

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Random Thought:

Is Bern the cruelest possible stand-in for us? The author has implied through multiple characters that Ange learning the truth won't be super great for her, but we don't really care. As readers we want all secrets revealed (all guts ripped out) and all knowledge given to her, despite how cruel it might be, because we think it would be interesting. We are definitely the ones who are happy to read a story once but then tear it apart the second time. We kind of want her to fulfill her goal, but only insofar as they line up with ours. We would find it unbelievably boring if we didn't learn the truth, and don't think her emotions/wishes matter more than ours because she is a written person and therefore on a different level of existence to us.

When witches get bored, they die. When readers get bored, they leave.
I think she's definitely analogous to us, yes. In that sense, it lines up very well with Featherine basically being Ryukishi's stand-in, and sometimes I wonder if Bern's growing bloodlust over the course of the plot is responsive to what I feel were Higurashi-fans disappointment with the different points of focus Umineko was offering.

Well, I also sort of felt like the IRL readers, us, were kinda sorta meant to be the spectators at the wedding in EP6, and filling the theater seats during EP7's TP, but that was just my impression.
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