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Originally Posted by jjblue1 View Post
Differently from Piece Ange Meta Ange 'exists'.
Does she? So is Meta-Ange more real than the Piece Ange who becomes Kotobuki Yukari or the Piece-Ange who fell from the roof of that building? Wouldn't this also make, let's say, Bernkastel more real than Furude Rika?

Interesting point though I'll argue Battler was sugar coating things in Ep 3 also
But, if we were to believe that (going by Ange saying that she hears the "voice of that old hag, Eva" at the start of the play) the EP7 teaparty is based on Eva's impression of her siblings...isn't it equally unrealistically subjective? She was always described as hating Krauss' guts so it wouldn't be surprising if she only looked out for the worst in him and didn't even consider him having a well-meaning approach.
Yes, Battler can be said to "sugar-coat" things, but the other fictions are equally guilty of painting characters unrealistically ugly. Who are we "as outsiders" to say which of these was their true being? Why should Battler's image be wrong only because more people believe in their ugly sides?

Each of them is someone who's defiling/willing to defile law but for each of them the jump they've to do from what they've done to mass murder is of different lenght.
The question is, was there really one person who killed everybody? Yes, mystery-rules demand that, but is this a mystery?

Btw. I read up on true crime fiction because I find it fascinating how that has not entered discussion here so far. How are for example theories, books and movies about the Zodiac murders any different than the Rokkenjima Witch Murder Case?
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