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Firstly I was thinking that Ryu sure loves his "catch me to make me stop killing" killers, and Umineko may have actually grown out of his love for a certain Higurashi story...

Secondly, I am starting to wonder how much George knew.
He makes a lot of claims about their parents just doing what needs to be done to support the family, about how Battler should forgive them and how he himself has matured. Also, at one point Eva tries to bring him to the "real conference" doesn't she? And Hideoyoshi waves it off and says he should go have fun cousin time (not with you Yasu). But that means she was going to have him be there when they blackmailed Krauss...

Heck, maybe everyone but Battler and Ghoda knew that Kinzo was dead.

Finally, In my opinion we need to dispel with the "who could plan a mass murder" argument. We don't really know how many people were dead when the bomb went off, only that Eva thought they were all dead. What we have basically been told though, is that the killing probably started accidentally. At the very least, we can be confident that whoever killed the people probably started only after things went crazy.

What I am trying to say is that we shouldn't be looking for who would plan a mass murder, because Yasu is so far the only one who has been shown to be capable of it with any consistency. A mass murder may have happened, but it was not because some genius string puller (Kyrie) laid it all out, it is because something went seriously wrong, and some broken and messed up people had things get very out of hand. George easily could have attacked someone in anger, especially if he thought his parents were both dead.
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