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Already in progress by us. Our first volume will be out on June 11th with the next to follow the week after I hope. =D

As for Skull Heart::


Mobile Suit B Gundam (A ball, but a Gundam head) appears, it is piloted by Umon Samon. Bascially, it's a spoof battle of the Battle of Solomon as the Zeon cower in fear over a visual of this GIANT Gundam head that appears. Basically someone yells Gundam and they all run for cover. Three skull crossbone Dom's appear and attack, comedic dodging on the part of the B Gundam, and Umon manages to take out a Dom. After taking out another one, it comes down to the last one, and he almost doesn't make it. The joke is the faceplate on the Ball can be jetisoned and is a bomb. Umon defeats the last Dom. Chapter ends some seventy years later with Umon slapping some ass and talking with Kinkedo.


Uh... Le Petit Prince meets Tinkerbell, anyone?

Bah... my computer is acting wonkers... I'll post more after a restart.

So why do people fight, anyway?
Perhaps the meaning of existence lies within their will to fight.
People feel a sense of accomplishment through battle.
And itís also a fact that the ones actually fighting are never perceived as being tainted.
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