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Post Software: Requests and Suggestions

This thread is meant for discussing and spreading reliable and stable programs.

Some good programs can be hard to find either because they are not spoken of very often, the net has been overwhelmed with publicity for weaker programs from big corporations or people don't have enough expertise with the particular type of program to tell the difference between what's good and what's not so good.
This thread is meant to help point people to the good/excellent ones.

If you are having trouble finding programs, just don't know if you should buy a particular one or you're just curious what program is used to do some things post here so people may share their experience.
Maybe there's a program out there that does everything you wish for and is also FREE.
It never hurts to ask.

Guidelines for Requesting:
  • Be specific on what you want - please try to specify what you want the program to do. Comparing to previous experiences can help a lot.
  • Don't post for trouble shouting help - you can ask technical troubleshooting questions (regarding both software and hardware) in the Tech Support forum. Also, please try to seek help from the people that offer you the product so they may fix the problem in future versions.
  • Don't ask for illegal software.
Guidelines for Answering:
  • Give reasons for your suggestion - don't just stick the program's name out, offer some reasons why it's good. A few of the programs functions that you use or that exited you would suffice.
  • Specify the nature of the license - specify weather the program is :
    1. 100% FREE - all the functions of the program are available, no fee is necessary
    2. Shareware - programs that have some functions FREE, but you have to pay a price ($$$) to unlock all its features
    3. Addware - programs that have adds in them (usually the case of download managers), they are basically the same as Shareware but the price you pay is seeing the adds.
    4. Programs with a free Trial - these are generally more sophisticated programs. Basically the program is free to use for XXX days (it's absolutely FREE) but after the trial period expires you must pay a price to continue using it. (should you like it)
      Programs that have a trial period are usually good programs and stable.
    5. Or some other gimmick - for example I've seen programs that perform a certain task but if you want to save your work you have to buy a license.
  • If you agree with a suggestion of a fellow member and would like to add some other info about the program, please feel free to do so.
  • No suggestion (or mentioning) of illegal software - programs that that are free but only use is to allow you to illegally use other software.
IMPORTANT RULE : In this thread and in the rest of the forum there will be NO Asking, NO Giving and NO Mentioning of information on where to find pirated software, how to crack/cheat/hack program licenses and software or any other piece of information that violates product copyrights, license etc.

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