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Some minor upgrades to the list...

Added the relatively unknown 7-Zip. (if I'm not mistaken the only FREE File Archiver)
Also added Photoshop (with lots of resources and stuff) and RSSOwl...
Compressed the layout a little...

Added a Security section with (hopefully) all the popular (since that's important for them) and trusted programs... The list is more or less a summary of all the programs that were suggested here (on Animesuki forum/Tech Support) over the years. I also added other programs I found on the sites of the programs suggested (under the premis that that if product x is trusted and is from company y then if product z is also from company y then it's also trustworthy) (most of them are FREE programs/services)

I also added a little n00by security guide.
If you find anything wrong then by al means shoot away

I have tons of other stuff on my "To Check/Add list" (all those audio, irc progys @_@ a couple of other ones.... ), I'll add them a little later...

* * * * * * * * * * *

Ah yes before I forget, while searching the threads in the forum I found some interesting statements. I was thinking of adding them, but after browsing hundreds of antivirus homepages for hours the idea sort of went away.
Anyway... I'm curious just what here is true.
  1. The Home Edition is always junk compared to the Corporate Edition.
  2. Linux and Macs are 100% virus/spyware/mallware FREE.
  3. IE invites trouble.
  4. Firewall only stops hackers and trojans NOT viruses.
  5. Windows Firewall offers a false sense of protection. It only checks for programs from the internet accessing your comp (by design), programs that send the information (like personal info) don't even register.
  6. Broadband pluged directly into the computer = DEATH.
  7. Routers are the best Firewall protection you can get
    A read a lot of hype over this one.

I think there was another... can't remember right now @_@.
Anyway any opinions on this ?(which is true/false)... My brain is fried ATM , can't think straight.
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