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I very rarely remember my dreams and these are the only two I remember vividly from the entire year:

In the first one my parents are driving me to my highschool reunion. Why I couldn't drive myself, no idea. I get to the reunion and everyone is wearing black suits and black dresses and it feels like some people died inbetween graduation and the reunion as there are pictures of them with flowers and stuff around them. We all file into an auditorium and have a seat and start watching a movie. Apparently it is tradition to watch Goldeneye....the James Bond movie. Only in this version of Goldeneye, instead of Xenia and Natalya as the bond girls, its Halle Berry as Jinx from another James Bond movie, Die Another Day. Anyway, while watching the movie we get to a scene where there is this army of Native Americans walking through the ocean. The ocean is only up to their waist and they are just marching through it. The person im sitting next to turns to me and says "Weren't you in Goldeneye?" I say yeah and I pick out the only white guy in this mass of 200+ Indians. I see Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons dressed in Indian garb saying "My cat's breath smells like catfood" and I wake up.

Next one I had was about a week ago. I was in a casinos movie theater and I was watching Rocky Balboa. The movie is on for awhile and then the film breaks. I get annoyed and leave along with everyone, going outside the casino. Outside of the casino it is like a fair or amusement park or something. I see some food vendors and then im back in the movie theater and Rocky Balboa is starting again. I get distracted by a couple of movie attendants carrying a paraplegic black man. For some reason instead of setting him in a chair, they set him in the aisle and give him a pillow to lie on. He responds to this by saying "Are you fucking kidding me?" Then I wake up.

Seems like all I dream about is movies, tv, and games. When I was like 10 and Mortal Kombat had just come out, my mom woke me up because I was talking loudly in my sleep what buttons to press for moves and fatalities. No idea if I still talk during my sleep, I hope not. A friend of mines ex-husband used to shout SUCK MY C*** in the middle of the night while he slept and it would wake up her daughters.

EDIT: Added 12/13 - My alarm went off and I turned it off and went back to sleep for an hour and half and had another dream since I was more lucid. Maybe writing about them is helping also. Again, it was heavily influenced by anime, movies, tv, and games. Its more fragmented than the others.

Me and my sister were with my dad and he had to go talk to some woman. We enter a submarine (had just watched Black Lagoon where they raid a sub for a painting) and to my left there is a little memorial to some dead crew members. I wrote a note that says "Good Job" and put it next to the pictures of the deceased. We navigate through the sub and we enter a wood house with the woman he needs to talk to and some other people. He tells me and my sister to have a seat and we do, but once we sit down hes already done talking to her and we leave. We get through the front door and we are in a forest. We walk on a trail through the forest for a bit and I feel guilt for leaving the Good Job note, then the scene changes.

I am now in a hallway in like an apartment complex with a woman in front of me leading me. There are three people ahead of us, one of which has a gun. The other two look unarmed but are bad as well. I advance past the woman leading me and stick a needle in the guy with the gun's neck. (Haven't seen Kiss of the Dragon in a long time but I guess thats what influenced that.) I look at him and watch as he gets woozy and passes out. I do this to the other two and the woman leading me gets annoyed. The bodies vanish and I tell her it wasn't lethal, the bodies begin to materialize back and scene changes again.

Its now me, my mom, and my step dad at the bar of a restaurant. We are all watching Twin Peaks on the bar tv. (In my mind all of this is making sense and at this point the last two scenes also took place on this episode of Twin Peaks.) I hear someone say "Yeah this was a good show in the 60's." I think to myself "Idiot, it was made in 1990." We watch the tv and theres a stream with a large boulder in the middle of the screen and some personal pan pizzas to the left of it. My mom says she needs a bigger pan, indicating she was the one who made the pizzas. The boulder is alive and appears to be talking but no sound is coming out.

In the next scene Cooper from Twin Peaks is on a radio urging a woman driving to pull over while she is on her cell phone. (Cooper is the only one in my dream that is actually in the show. I think this scene happened because I had watched Everest: Beyond the Limit before going to bed and in that episode Russell is urging two of the guys to come back). She crashes her car and Cooper is now in the road and sitting down on his ass. A woman gets out of the car and goes to Cooper and points a gun at him. Another woman comes out of nowhere and points a gun at her. A shot is fired and blood and brain go on the back of the car which makes no sence unless Cooper shot her. The camera pans down and Cooper is holding a sawed off shotgun but it has a ceiling fan attached to the front of it. My mom at the bar says "Tom Hanks makes gadgets like that too." Then I wake up. I guess Cooper got the drop on her using a shotgun disguised as a ceiling fan.

Shun me, for I am frumious!

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