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Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho (Tokyo Demon Academy Kenpucho)
New action/shounen fantasy anime airing on 2007/01/19. Based loosely on a series of PS2 RPG games. OP & ED are by ACID. No trailer yet.

Here's the synopis (with cast):

The story takes place in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

In spring, a mysterious student transfers to Magami Academy. His name is Hiyu Tatsuma (Hiro Shimono). Then, he meets Horaiji Kyoichi (Masaki Kawanabe) of the kendo club, Daigo Yuya (Katsui Taira) of the wresting club, Sakurai Komaki(Satomi Arai) of the kyudo (Japanese archery) club, and Misato Aoi(Yui Horie) who is the student leader, as if they were attracted by something.

Being influenced by Ryumyaku or Dragon Vein, which became active suddenly, they are awakened as “persons who posses powers”. Since that day, monsters called “Oni” appear and begin to assault Tokyo. Also, those who use evil power to control Oni appear. To protect Tokyo from them, Tatsuma and his friend stand up to fight. Then, they have to face their destiny….
The main character designs are pretty cool and distinctive (designed by Jun Nakai, animator on Eureka 7, Ergo Proxy and Speed Grapher). I like the scratchy style - reminds me of Witchblade's characters for some reason (I think it's the hair). Kyoichi looks particularly moody and Aoi and Komaki (the archer) are cute. I hope they're animated similarly distinctively.

So yeah, more high school kids vs monsters (or Oni in this case), but I like the idea of the various martial arts disciplines being a key part of the student's lives (rather than them just being random skills) and kyudo especially (I don't think I've seen archery featured in an anime since Arjuna). There's not much info about this show but I'm hoping it's not a cliche shounen fightfest and something more intriguing.

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