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I guess I should have mentioned there's a difference between simply being Lucid in your dreams which just means you are aware that you are dreaming and lucid control which is a far more in-depth experience...Everyone has lucid dreams from time to time, but just being half-aware isn't the same as taking complete control because you can be lucid yet still be incapable of doing anything but running the coarse of the dream...This is common, but dream-control takes a degree of effort for most (I mean there are some mutant freaks out there that probably don't need to do as much as others though^^)...I mean monks and others who participate in meditative ventures can do things 100 times more incredible than dream-control in the form of astro-projection, but as I've read it takes supreme discipline to even come close to this level so this amount of effort to reach the basic level of what I described is worth it for some...As I've said, even I tired of the whole technique thing, but it works and it's undeniably fun if you have the time to do it...Hell I wish I didn't stop because having to pay bills in this real world makes me wish I could escape via ZZzzZz-lucidity...
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