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Originally Posted by Fome View Post
Wingdarkness, you sound like a pro at this. I tried to keep a journal once too, but like most people, I thought it was way too much trouble. And I never discover I'm dreaming from using reality checks. It's usually that I feel like I'm waking up, and I just make myself stay asleep.

Sometimes, I use external sounds though. While I dream, I can still here ambient sounds in the background. If I set a soft alarm, I can learn to associate that sound with reality, even though it can become deeply integrated into the dream, i.e. hearing police sirens.
I mean have you tried the reality checks? You have to do it constantly...I thought it was a joke at first then I had my first Lucid control dream thanx to the fact I saw my lightswitch in the dream and when I clicked it it reminded me...I was all like "Damn this $hit worked!" in the week's to follow looking at my hands would do it or I'd see myself in a reflection and that would do it...So those reminders work...It's not to hard to become a pro if you wanna have amazing dreams and dream-control...Most people I know don't even remember or think about there dreams and have no clue how much fun it is to control them...Maybe I'll et back into it, but the key to dreaming lucid is recall, and only a journal can help you achieve that....
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