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(and proves Kyoichi is gay..)
Lies. The thing that proves Kyoichi is gay is the fact that you can date him for Christmas.

EDIT: Ah, I see now. I think the anime is not really an adaptation of a game but like a reinterpretation or something... just using a similar premise and stuff... perhaps..
No, this is based on the game. The first game. That came out on the Playstation in 1998. The website that's been linked in this thread is the third game in the series, which brings in the Norse Gods for some reason. I haven't played it, nor do I want to.

Here's the original crew:

I was wondering if they changed into their Edo era costumes to do battle or something to tie in with the game.
Those are different characters.

Kyoichi looks particularly moody
The sad thing? Kyoichi isn't moody in the game. At all. He's the goofy, perverted, wacky best friend. The fact that all the promotional material shows him as the moody, sad sack... it makes me worry.

We'll see when it comes out but...I still don't like the character designs!
I'm afraid of what's going to happen to Arisa D:

If you guys want a preview of some of the other characters, here ya go. Of course, this is fanart based on the game, and there's a dramatic disconnect between the designs of the anime and game...
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