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Oh damn you, Sonhex! Damn you and damn you to heck and back! I was going to silently ignore this series hoping it'll just end up being a disappointment but now that I"ve read your raving review of it I just have to watch it now, don't I? Especially when you mention the animation! God, I remember this happening with a particular show beginning with B... but that level of crazy addiction is not happening for this show, I will make sure of it! (I doubt it'll hook me as much anyway)

And it doesn't help that when I finally decide to go visit the sakuga thread at 2ch they're all currently raving about the first episode of this show. Now I have to take a look at it... I had a look at the animators names though, surprisingly nothing really stood out apart from Hisashi Saitou whom I remember seeing here and there in other good eps of Stuff.

I think perhaps episode 1 was given a lot of time in production and what may have been normally mediocre animators could do a better job (like how some so-so animators at I.G. turn into great people when it comes to movies). Either that or Jun Nakai is a genius.

It's not just the animators though, the episode director must have gotten it all down precisely. Well, I'll go yap on about it when the episode downloads... The scary thing is... It's not like I hate superpowers-in-school stuff. Actually, I think that's another one of my 1001 guilty pleasures. It's one of the genres that got me so hooked onto anime to begin with so if it's really flashy and done well and is consistently cool... then why not? Just watching it is fine...

I have a sinking feeling they won't keep up the quality though. After all I'm really relying on the Spring season for my eyecandy quota. *drools at the general direction of Seirei no Moribito, Gurenn-Lagann and Dennou Coil*
Thanks for the fish
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