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Originally Posted by Telliamed View Post

Then there are the uber-otaku who will buy multiple copies just to boost the rankings.

And I'm expecting next week's episode will be filled with subliminal and superliminal advertisements for the single.
Hahaha very funny, paranoia and what not....

@Sheba: It's called Ai Wo Tormodose, You Wa Shock is just something they scream during the song.

@MakubeX2: Why would it be a slap in the face, it has people's "goddess" singing the opening theme from a relatively (?) popular show. It's meant to sell mostly on the back of name recognition (because if I weren't told who was singing it I would have assumed it was chattering monkey's), in fact I'd be surprised if it wasn't a chart topper. All they need is to have her name plastered on it, let people know its in stores and watch a flood of dreary eyed folk storm through the store, maybe a few ritual killings for the last disc and then count their money.

Personally I'm interested in hearing what the off vocal version of the song sounds like (actually no I'm not and if they have any musical taste they'll never ever subject us to it on a single disc).
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