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1. You can't isolate the vocals from the music, since the vocals are the music. It's candy-pop rap.

2. Bought for name recognition? How about every second #1 hit anywhere in the world?

3. As poetry, the words are better than most pop songs. Just complex and bizarre, both in meaning and in syntax.

4. I just listened to the full version, sans images, and there is no reason except anti-otaku prejudice for Oricon to be embarrassed about this song becoming #1, when I think of other songs that have hit that spot. This isn't like them, but it isn't worse, just totally different.

There are quite a few photos from the shops of Akihabara in this post on Akiba Blog about the campaign (click photos to enlarge). And here are photos (left) of a poster of the words, and (right) of a display saying the aim is to get the OP to #1 on Oricon and for this store (Toranoana main store) to sell more copies than any store in Japan. It also says they're taking orders for the first DVD:

I don't think the proponents of the campaign are thinking of profits for KyoAni (of course the shops are thinking of profits for themselves), I think it's more like supporting a sports team: you want the team you support to win, and this is an aspect of winning. I have to say, however, that I will be amazed if they get anywhere near #1. The SHnY OP only got to #5, and my sense is that that was a much bigger hit than this show. But we'll see by next Thursday.
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