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Azumanga fits

Originally Posted by Danny Boy
I doubt if Azumanga Daioh would fit here. While it is quite hilarious, the comedy is not delivered in an explicit manner. Most of the comedy is deadpan and pretty subtle (sort of like the proverbial dry British humour).
I disagree. I think the comedy is delivered in a very explicit manner. Depending on how you want to interpret "explicit" that is. The comedy is NOT subtle, nor deadpan. I don't think you watched very much of it or were half asleep... The anime is very acurate to it's four panel manga origin. Even when you have the qiet dry characters like Sakaki or Osaka, they are usually well complemented by the rest of the cast, Tomo and Yukari alone provide more than enough physical comedy. I think it is one of the funniest around BECUASE it does not just take one comedy angle. It has the just right balance of physical comedy, diolouge comedy, and subtle indirect and dry comedy. Don't forget plenty of irony, bizaar comedy (i.e. guu), and even some satire. which is layed over a really well done heavely character driven story, not just senseless acts of goofiness.
I challenge you to retract your statement.
Azumanga Daioh is 3rd on my list of favorite anime's right behind Evangelion and Escaflowne. and my number 1 comedy pick. My opinion, but it definately deserves to be on the list. besides, all they specify was hilarious. they didn't say comedy.

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