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Wow, a foaming-at-the-mouth otaku. Never met one for quite some time.
I challenge you to retract your statement.
Retract? Nope. As we'll soon see, my point is quite well-grounded, and your response is a mixture of various gross misunderstandings and an ad hominem brought about by your extreme bias in this regard.
I don't think you watched very much of it or were half asleep... The anime is very acurate to it's four panel manga origin.
I have watched it and never had I felt sleepy at any time. It's quite entertaining, really. But your attempts at telepathy, which is nothing more than an ad hominem, is duly noted. Next.
Tomo and Yukari alone provide more than enough physical comedy. I think it is one of the funniest around BECUASE it does not just take one comedy angle. It has the just right balance of physical comedy, diolouge comedy, and subtle indirect and dry comedy.
Well, whether the physical "comedy" in Azumanga Daioh is funny or not is a subjective judgment, and I didn't care for them at all. The nonphysical humor, though, is quite hilarious. I've had LOL moments with Azumanga, especially with Osaka, who's rather naive views is ridiculously funny without really trying to be so. It would only work if delivered subtly, which is the reason behind her character. Sorry, but you're wrong again.

Also, please note that you've basically conceded my point, where you did admit that the series has, in your words, subtle indirect and dry comedy, which contradicts your assertion that the comedy is delivered in a very explicit manner. The dialogue comedy you hinted at is not as hilarious as the subtle ones by Osaka, Sakaki and perhaps the rest of the cast, with the exception of their loud-mouthed teacher, who may be funny to some, but not all.
Don't forget plenty of irony
And I may note that irony is best served subtly, as the show has done. They do not delve into it like other shows, but rather only hint at it.
bizaar comedy (i.e. guu), and even some satire. which is layed over a really well done heavely character driven story, not just senseless acts of goofiness.
Again, you're already proving my point, a "heavy character driven story" is a mark of an intellectually stimulating show, as opposed to mindless laugh-a-minute flicks. Which is what my post is driving at. See my explanation below.
Azumanga Daioh is 3rd on my list of favorite anime's right behind Evangelion and Escaflowne. and my number 1 comedy pick. My opinion, but it definately deserves to be on the list. besides, all they specify was hilarious. they didn't say comedy.
And I never impugned those who wish to state their personal preferences, which is why I am a bit taken aback with your attack on my post. It's rather innocuous, IMO, and so I cannot fathom why you'd respond in the way you did, other than the fact that, as you've stated, you feel strongly biased towards this show. I may ridicule your choice of EVA, though not Escaflowne, but it's rather a matter of personal taste, which I prefer to leave with the "agree to disagree" compromise.

And I would like to bring your attention to the OP, which says some of the "Hilarious" series that I'm following now (note the emphasis on hilarious), and on his choice of examples, like Cromatorie High, FMP Fumoffu, and Dokkaida. And his other list has Ranma 1/2 and Ebichu. I think it is fair to say that what he had in mind is hilarity of the Jim Carrey kind, slapstick and obvious sight gags. A subtle anime, like Azumanga Daioh, which I'd normally recommend, is out of place in such a list.

So, maybe next time you'd care to understand the discussion more, and perhaps try to understand that even the best shows may not be the best ones to recommend, especially if the OP hints that it might not be appropriate.
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