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Originally Posted by SeroganeX
Please, I'm asking for a good suggestion here. I'm happy with one great hilarious series, as opposed to a bunch of mediocre/boring series.

Thanks for your time.
Well, you are bound to get opinions and everyone has a different sense of humor. Aside from what has already been listed:

Puni Puni Poemi - 2 episode OVA's. (Any more would have been TOO much.) This is hard to describe but it is extremely fast paced (chaotic even) parody. Extreme parody. It has the advantage of being a short enough series that you don't have time to get sick of the overused jokes.

Tenshi na Konamaiki - I almost always recomend this series when the topic is comedy. This series is a gender-bender with a twist that has some very funny situational and physical comedy. The animation style seems to turn off some people, but it only phased me for a couple of episodes, then I was hooked. Now I wait eagerly for each new release (up to episode 30 of 52).

Anyway, humor is really subjective, but based on what you had listed these seemed spot on.

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